Leadership Team

AIT – Polly Montano, RN MSN

Medical Director – APS Sidhu, MD, CMD, FACGS
Dr. A.P.S. Sidhu has a passion and desire to serve the elderly. His main focus is to provide the highest level of Geriatrics treatment services to patients in Nursing homes and other Long-Term Care Facilities of Central Valley.
Dr. Sidhu has become well known and respected by healthcare providers, nursing homes assisted livings and other medical communities of Fresno, Madera, and Tulare counties. He takes special pride in educating the family members of patients and staff members of facilities regarding preventive measures and improving patient care and morale. He is very much involved in the Nursing Home management and other issues which could be faced by patients and their relatives at Long Term Care facilities.

Director of Nursing – Polly Montano, MSN, RN
I climbed the ranks in nursing starting out as Nursing Assistant more than 4 decades ago, achieving a master’s in nursing science. I have been in health care since the 1970’s. I’ve worked in various positions as a staff nurse with an emphasis in Intensive Care Nursing for Cardiac, Neurological conditions and general life-threating conditions. As a military nurse, I completed the Intraoperative Nursing Program with scrub circulating care. I have worked in all areas of perioperative dynamics. My occupation of services was Triage Nursing, assigning me to Combat Support. Field services include supervising and directing many (companies and squads) of the enlisted medical personnel to set up combat-ready field hospitals to include triage, operating rooms, recovery, and general hospitals.

Leadership prepared primarily by the U.S. Army Nurse Corp lead me to leadership positions in the acute care and skilled nursing Setting. In skilled nursing, my career began as an Assistant Director of Nursing with ongoing 20 plus years in this arena. My skilled nursing care director included many levels of post-operative rehabilitation for orthopedic procedures, cardiac rehab for open heart leading to chronic heart failure, dialysis, diabetes, and much more.

Education was a sidebar to my career, I taught at the community and the University nursing programs. My students were introduced to life cycle conception to the end of life. The major focus was on middle-aged and gerontology. Ideas of conception to birth were challenging but rewarding as was pediatrics. My love, however, was older adults and end of life.

After 4 decades of Nursing Services retirement came for a short 2 years before I was called once again to return to skilled nursing services. Like most skilled services my expertise in nursing, as well as knowledge of Federal and State regulations, found me sought out by administrations and corporations to employee me to facilitate and manage survey ready facilities.

After all these years of working with geriatrics, I am still amazed and astonished at the human body and the process of aging with an ailment, good health, genetics and so much more. The elderly folks are absolutely amazing!

Director of Rehabilitation – Nerissa Segura, ST

Dietary Supervisor – Irene Huerta

Admissions and Marketing Director – Wilson Maclean

Director of Staff Development – Maricela Cortez, LVN

Activities Director – Alejandra Rodriguez

House Supervisor – Jazmine Vasquez, LVN

Housekeeping/Laundry/Maintenance – George Cerojales

Social Services – Alejandra Rodriguez

Business Office Manager – Kathy Grant

MDS Coordinator – Gladys Valdez

Medical Records Coordinator – Veronica Lopez